PEA Sustainability Strategies

“PEA” has upgraded our organization to become a modern utility service provider with digital technology and innovations. We have also continued to move towards excellence in our electric power system and to explore alternative electric power sources in order to meet the future demands and to play an integral part in driving the country’s economy.


Focusing on maintaining stability and reliability in inclusive electric utility services for the public

Sustainable Development Issues
• Anti-corruption
• Economic Performance
• Indirect Economic Impacts
• Procurement Practices
• Availability and Reliability
• Demand-side Management
• System Efficiency
• Research and Development


Focusing on social improvement both inside and outside the organization, and developing communities and society towards a better quality of life

Sustainable Development Issues
• Socioeconomic Compliance
• Disaster/Emergency Planning and Response
• Employment
• Training and Education
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Customer Health Safety

Focusing on developing the practice guidelines on sustainable development in order to ensure equal value proposition to all groups of stakeholders

Sustainable Development Issues

• Non-discrimination
• Access
• Provision of Information
• Cyber Security
• Customer Privacy
• Local Communities


Focusing on management of the main missions to promote resource conservation and reduction of environmental impacts

Sustainable Development Issues

• Materials
• Supplier Environmental Assessment