Trend and Direction on Business Change

Currently, innovation and information technology, as well as customer demand for organization response via digital technology cause the rapid change in businesses and industries. Organizations need to adjust themselves in both product innovation and process innovation in order to support the policy driving. Moreover, this is to prepare the public sectors to become digital government according to digital government development plan, which results in efficient development and prompt respond to rapid change.

From the trend of change in industry’s structure caused by technology advancement, consumers are likely to become prosumer and produce electricity to trade with nearby agencies (peers-to-peers). Moreover, government’s renewable energy and alternative energy development plan specifies target in producing electricity more from renewable energy. This will cause the decrease in PEA’s power distribution unit in the near future.

The factors mentioned above are the real challenges for PEA, causing PEA to develop strategy together with risk evaluation processes. PEA focuses on adapting digital technology to be used in operation, customer service, and other innovation in order to develop operation process, and respond to stakeholder’s expectation, as well as to prepare its personnel to be ready for the change.

PEA is aware of the change in economics, social, and environmental factors that might affect the organization sustainability. Moreover, the emerging of new technology that develop rapidly leads to severe change in energy business (Disruptive Innovation). It also acknowledges that the cost and energy price are two factors that determine the success in business operation.

Therefore, PEA focuses on corporate risk management by managing factors, and controlling activities and operation processes in order to prevent or alleviate the severity and reduce the causes that might damage the organization. This is to show that PEA would promptly adapt itself for the change and sustainable business operation.