Risk Management and Strategic Challenges

PEA appointed Risk Management and Internal Control Committee to monitor, control, and apply risk management policy and framework to PEA’s operation. Moreover, the committee also follow up the risk management and internal control processes to ensure that it is appropriate for important risk management and report the result to PEA’s board of directors on quarterly basis . The Risk and Safety Management Department is the main agency who monitor and coordinate with the Risk Management Sub-Committee in all functions, with Deputy Governors from all functions as chairman and risk owner to operate according to risk management policy and manual.

Economic Risk Issue

Social and Environmental Risk Issue

New Risk Issue

Business Continuity Management and Emergency Management

PEA manages business continuity and emergency according to ISO 22301 international standard to be prepared for disaster or emergency that might occur to operation systems and office sites. There are systematic analysis, planning, practice/testing, and process efficiency evaluation, as well as continuous process adjustment. This is to ensure that PEA is capable of efficient disaster or emergency response and can alleviate the impact from unexpected situation. PEA can prevent and be prepared to mitigate the impact and return to its normal operation within acceptable timeframe