Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption

PEA focuses on responding to customers need, by operating under the principles of good governance and responsibility to the community, society, and environment. Therefore, PEA sets the good corporate governance, as well as the prevention and suppression of corruption into the significant strategy: to operate under good corporate governance for PEA’s sustainable growth promotion according to the international practice of UN SDGs, best practice of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), and strive to achieve the international standards of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) in order to show transparent and corruption-free operation, ethics standards and professionalism. This is corresponding to organization’s value of “Modernization, Good Service, Good Governance” which stipulates that all personnel in all levels always strictly conform to TRUST+E factor.

Moreover, PEA is determined to develop good governance principle, concept, and practice to the international level standard. Therefore, it announced policy on good governance and promoted transparency and prevented corruption [102-16] for executives and employees to follow as operation framework. This is to show the organization’s determination in preventing all types of corruptions in order to improve its Corruption Perception Index (CPI) which is important to the overall development of the country. There is a committee on good corporate governance and social responsibility who regulates, sets policy, provides recommendation, and monitors the operation to ensure that it follows policy and operation plan on good governance and social responsibility concept effectively and efficiently

Management Approach

  • Announced “No Gift Policy” during 2019 new year festival.
  • Announced the policy on good governance and transparency promotion and anti-corruption practices.
  • Followed the principles and guidelines in good governance, ethics, and professionalism manual strictly.
  • Monitored operation result according to good governance, corruption prevention and suppression master plan and action plan by reporting to the committee on good governance and social responsibility quarterly.
  • Set activities that support morals, ethics, and transparency in operations (Soft Control).
  • Appointed “Compliance Unit” working group to monitor the internal.
  • Joined “Integrity and Transparency Assessment (ITA) in public organization operations” held by National Anti-Corruption Commission.
  • Established PEA’s electronics information center.
  • Applied technology to information technology system for Corporate Governance (CG e-System) consisted of
    1) awareness evaluation system about the strengthening of good governance culture and values in honesty, virtue, ethics, transparency, and anti-corruption (CG Testing).
    2) reporting system for the conflict of interest between personal interest and corporate interest (COI Reporting).
    3) signing system acknowledging the good governance manual (CG Acknowledgement).
  • “PEA’s sustainable transparency” plan which focused on establishing PEA’s transparent network both internally and externally.
  • Integrity pact for projects worth 1 billion baht or more.

2019 Outstanding Performance

  • Evaluation result on Integrity and Transparency Assessment (ITA) of public organization operations of National Anti-Corruption Commission in 2019, PEA’s result was 92.19% (rating score at A level).
  • Evaluation result on awareness and good governance application (CG Testing) was 95.50%, increased from 90.85% in 2018.
  • In the case of annual reporting, PEA’s committees, executives, and employees reported on conflict of Interest (COI) between personal interest and corporate interest was 100%.
  • Evaluation result on signing in acknowledging the good governance manual (CG Acknowledgement) of executives and employees was 94.28%.
  • Executives and employees participated in activities that support morals, ethics, and transparency in operations (Soft Control) totaled of 6,474 personnel (more than the target of 2,474 personnel). There were pre-test and post-test for the organizations that held soft control activities. Overall, the pre-test result was 63.44%, while post-test result was 85.47%.
  • Amount of personnel who were subjected to disciplinary action (in case of serious misconduct) was 0.02% of all employees (decreased for 3 years consecutively).

Complaint Management

  • Number of responses to customer complaints within 30 days (100%)
  • Percentage of customer complaints receiving responses within 30 days (99.87%)
  • Number of responses to customer complaints within 15 days (85.07%)
  • Percentage of customer complaints receiving responses within 15 days

Anti corruption

Information of Committees, Employees, and Business Partners Informed about Anti-Corruption Policy and Measures

Information of Committees and Corruption-related Incidents
EmployeesTrainedonAnti-Corruption Related Courses

Corruption-related Incidents

In 2019, PEA faced no accusation on corruption and had no corruption incident that lead to contract termination or non-renewal from trading partner. However, there were 7 corruption incidents within the organization, which were 4 cases on document falsification and 3 cases on government property misappropriation. As a result, PEA applied disciplinary measure by firing 4 employees and dismissing 3 employees.

In part of other legal cases or economic and social regulation, PEA had not been accused, fined, or penalized in any case. In addition, there was no dispute from non-compliance that needed to be settled

Complaint Management

PEA had a systematic and fair complaint management process for all the stakeholders. With the development of the PEA-VOCs system for handling complaints, and with the process to listen to customer feedback in order to keep record, monitor, and report the results in the same database throughout the organization, PEA could achieve a speedy and efficient process of receiving complaints, as well as responding to and resolving complaints of the stakeholders within a specific time.

Types of Complaints

Protection of Persons Related to Complaints and Reports

PEA clearly determined the criteria in PEA’s Complaint Management Efficiency Enhancement Handbook, where it is stated that those in charge of handling complaints and reports shall keep confidential the information of the persons making complaints and reports from being disclosed to others, take into account security and damage issues, and use their own discretion as deemed appropriate to give orders to protect those making complaints and reports, as well as witnesses and people involved in inquiries and investigations from harm or injustice caused by making complaints, being witnesses, or giving such information.