Our Personnel

Our Personnel

Employee Care
Employees were very important for steering the organization’s operations. PEA treated its employees fairly without discrimination, and attached great importance on manpower planning and recruitment, compensation management, employee retention, career path management, and safe environment to promote employees’ good quality of life and work morale until their retirement in response to the demands/ expectations of all the employees for their job happiness, resulting in their commitment to the organization and sustainable growth and development

• Having personnel with knowledge, abilities, and determination to work for PEA.
• Reducing complaints of the personnel recruitment and selection process.
• Reducing the employee turnover rate.
• Promoting employees’ sense of belonging and commitment to the organization.

• Developing the recruitment and selection criteria in response to the needs across various groups of personnel and in line with the organization strategies.
• Improving the criteria for employee annual promotion to ensure fairness and consistency with individual performance.
• Developing the system to give rewards, which were valuable, diverse, and consistent with the organization goals.
• Promoting employee career development.

Management Approach
• Allowing opportunities for fair employment, with a transparent recruitment process based on knowledge, abilities, and qualifications as required by the organization.
• Giving the disabled opportunities to work under various operation policies and guidelines, and giving them fair employment, rights, and welfare similar to general employees to promote the disabled’s better quality of life.
• Promoting employees based on qualifications, free from decisions based on race, complexion, sex, religion, or other restrictions.
• Creating a succession plan for employees to acknowledge their career path and for promoting more learning.
• Performing management according to the principles of good governance, with an emphasis on the rule of law, integrity, transparency, participation, responsibility, and cost-effectiveness in development and improvement of relevant regulations or practices.
• Carrying out supervision, training, notification, and communication to ensure the same human resource management standards throughout the organization.
• Allowing opportunities for employees to gather and organize the Labor Unity of PEA to act as a representative for the employees to negotiate with the employers so as to protect their welfare and benefits, and to provide advice to the members who were not treated fairly, with 100% of employees under care of the Labor Unity of PEA according to the agreement

2019 Outstanding Performance
• There were no complaints of unfair personnel recruitment and selection nor discrimination
• The level of satisfaction in the personnel recruitment and selection process was 4.65 out of 5 points, with an increase of 0.08 points from 2018.
• The employee turnover rate accounted for 0.21%, with a decrease from 0.20% in 2018.
• The level of satisfaction in the use of the salary consideration system software was 3.95 out of 5 points, which increased by 0.22 points from the previous year and was at a moderate to high level.
•The satisfaction in the gifts from PEA to employees working at the organization for 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years, and to retired employees at the age of 60 was at a high level.
• The overall employee satisfaction was 4.40 points.
• The average of employee commitment was 4.51 out of 5 points, with the average well-being of 4.43 points, sense of belonging of 4.53 points, and willingness to do the best for work of 4.56 points.

Improvement Plan for Future Operation
• Upgrading the occupational health and safety process towards ISO 45001 Standard in 2022
• Proceeding with applications for ISO 18001 certification for 12 additional PEA offices in 2020