Research and Development for Innovation in Electric Power Distribution System

• Improve the roles of research and innovation to operation process development and commercialization.

• Develop research and innovation that enhance security, excellent standard, modernization, and sustainable growth for PEA.

2019 Outstanding Performance
• Success of the Corporate Innovation System Plan was at level 3.

Improvement Plan for Future Operation
• Improve Corporate Innovation System Plan that leads to new product and service creation, as well as new business model within 2020.

Management Approach
• Researchers and innovators join in creating research work that benefits overall society. There should be business feasibility study for commercialization in the future, as well as intellectual property protection and management plan.
• Allocate budget of 3 percent of net revenue, or annual average at 100-130 million baht to support research development and innovation fund.
• Support research fund to domestic research organizations or academic research institutes in 4 types as follow:
– Fullfund
– Co-research
– Co-funding
– Other agree-upon format
• Support research fund to PEA’s internal research unit, by providing fund of not exceeding 300,000 baht per project.
• Support fund to startup (startup is enterprise that uses technology or innovation as an important part in business operation or as required by law) for commercialization. There are 3 phases as follow:
– 1st Phase: develop concept and conduct feasibility study of the research work for commercialization, for the duration not exceeding 6 months, funding within 10,000,000 baht.
–  2nd Phase: develop research prototype, for the duration not exceeding 12 months, with no funding limit.
–  3rd Phase: develop research prototype and expand its scope to be used throughout the organization or to production test stage at industry or commercial level, for the duration not exceeding 12 months, with no funding limit.