Economic Performance

The rapid changing technology enables electric power users to become power producers for their own uses. This trend might affect PEA’s power distribution which is its main source of revenue. In order to adjust itself to the change and maintain continuous business operation, PEA applies conservative financial policy and prepare itself to expand to new business outside its core business. PEA sets target to become service provider for digital utility services within the year 2022, to distribute economic values to all stakeholders and create sustainable values to community and society.

• Increase rate of return from operation.
• Decrease operating expense.

• Increase efficiency of asset utilization and operating expense, by applying efficient asset management.
• Mitigate loss in electric power system.

Management Approach
• Created and operated according to Asset Management Roadmap, which clearly identified policy framework, objectives, strategies, and guidelines in corporate asset management operation, from acquiring process, application, maintenance, to distribution to keep the expenses in the appropriate level.
• Set assessment for corporate asset management to create the right solution for any asset management issue and invest in the revenue-generated asset for PEA.
• Developed corporate electric power database (IT/OT Integration) for management decision making, as well as application readiness assessment or asset health assessment in order to plan the appropriate maintenance system.
• Set policies for potential portfolio strategies investment and design in managing overall business investment through PEA’s and affiliates’ operations to create maximum value for the organization and sustainable business development.
• Promoted investment and created cooperation among partners in operating related businesses that benefits PEA.

2019 Outstanding Performance
• Got corporate credit rating at AAA level with stable outlook from Tris Rating.
• The ratio of the return on assets (ROA) was 3.17.
• Profit margin was 2.64.
• Total asset turnover was 1.26.
• Current Ratio was 1.40.
• Due to process adjustment, operating expense reduced to 40.10 million baht.
• Loss percentage was 5.37.
อยู่ที่ 5.37
• Revenue from related business was 6,282.65 million baht.

Improvement Plan for Future Operation
• Improve efficiency and capability in creating revenue from asset, by setting target to get certification on Asset Management Standard (ISO 55000) in year 2022.
• Integrate database and customer support system (Fully Completed CRM) to provide customer service, marketing, customer data analysis, and other services that respond to customer demand/expectation in the future, to create revenue for PEA.