National Level

With the commitment to operating its business towards organizational sustainability, the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) has widely been recognized by leading entities both domestically and internationally. Some of the awards PEA has received in 2019 are as follows:

National Level


5 Outstanding State Enterprise Awards 2019 from the State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO), Ministry of Finance as follows:

  • Best State Enterprise Award 2019
  • Outstanding State Enterprise Award for Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Activities (3 consecutive years)
  • Outstanding State Enterprise Award for Information Disclosure and Transparency (3 consecutive years)
  • Digital Transformation Initiative Award 2019 (Honor Award)
  • Creativity and Innovation Award (Honorable Mention) (2 consecutive years).
  • These show the organization’s commitment to operating its business towards efficiency and excellence.


Outstanding Award for Energy and Alternative Energy Conservation Promotion in Thailand Energy Award 2019 from the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Ministry of Energy, which shows that PEA has placed great importance on adopting energy-saving technology in the organization and promoting more consumption of alternative energy.


Honor Award and Certification as Government Easy Contact Center (GECC) 2019 from the Office of the Prime Minister, which shows that the organization is committed to improving and maintaining public service quality according to the GECC standards.


Superbrands Award 2018, which shows the organization’s success in creating PEA brand awareness, consumer confidence, impression, and service excellence.


Honor Awards in Zero Accident Campaign 2019, which include one office with platinum level, 5 offices with silver level, 59 offices with bronze level, and 162 offices with basic level from Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Public Organization).


National G-Green Logo Award 2019 from the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, which consists of 45 offices with excellent (G gold) level, 2 offices with very good (G silver) level, and 15 offices which could maintain their renewal level, totaling 62 offices, together with Honor Award from providing cooperation in continuously participating in the project organized by the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, which reflects the organization’s dedication to promoting Green Offices, reduction of energy and resource consumption, reduction of waste, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, and carrying out environmentally friendly activities.


Public Sector Excellence Awards (PSEA) 2019 under the category of government service, which reflects the organization’s attempt to upgrade service quality to facilitate convenient, fast, transparent, fair, and satisfactory services for the public.


Thailand HR Innovation Award 2019 (Silver Award) from the project “Development of Personnel Potential in Response to Changes in the Electric Power Market through PEA CCSR” from the Personnel Management Association of Thailand (PMAT), the Thailand Productivity Institute, and the Faculty of Human Resource Development, National Institute of Development (NIDA), which reflects development of innovations to continuously benefit organizational development.


Winner Award under the category “Single Fund” for state enterprises with the fund of over 20,000 million baht in the 8th Outstanding Provident Fund Contest Project 2019 (3 consecutive years) from the Association of Provident Fund, which shows that PEA is committed to the management for continued development to bring confidence for members of the Provident Fund.


Sustainability Disclosure Award 2019 from Thaipat Institute, which reflects that PEA has placed great importance on publicizing operation information in terms of organizational development towards sustainability in addition to financial information.